A Domain is up for adoption


is up for adoption if you want it apply for it.

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  1. i wanna get this site of demi i really love it and i can actualize that all days please! 😀

  2. apply if you want it

  3. I believe it is mines now. Hopefully.

  4. Cannot wait to work on this site.

  5. Laura Sinclair says:

    I really want this. I am a huge fan of Demi and have followed her through everything. I dont believe what i read in papers so i would bring the fans of this website the TRUTH. I know her backing singer Emily Grace and speak to her often so i could possibly get interviews but please i want this 🙂

  6. TijanaCrAzY says:

    I really want this site..I’m a big fan of Demi..Please.I believe in her!!

  7. Hi, I’m Reyhaneh. I’m one of Demi Lovato’s biggest fans and I’m on the internet every day. I go around in websites and read the latest Demi Lovato news. I would really like to have this because I think I can really make it a big website. I already have a website Yayrey.socialgo.com and in it I have a blog that I post the latest celeb news in. A lot of this news is about Demi Lovato. I only post news that are true with pictures, polls and surveys. I’m an excellent website planner.
    My cousins cousin is a news reporter and I she promised me she will send me her news too so I think I have a good chance getting news. I also want this because I think that after working so hard on my own website, I really deserve a domain and something professional. I would be really really pleased if you give me it, I can do anything. Thank you so so much.

  8. I want to adopt site i am big fan Demi and I apply for site

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