taylormomsenworld.com, justinsource.com, usher-raymond.us, ashley-unlimited.org, jonasdaily.com

18 Responses to “Sites up for adoption!”

  1. jermaine says:

    hello i just sent my domain application request. did my form accepted?

  2. I am interested in adopting the jonasdaily.com fan site! pls. contact me as soon as possible. thank you

  3. Hello, May I Adopt the ashley-unlimited.org? Mail me pleas. Thank You!

  4. Bom eu sou brasileira e nao intendo nada

  5. Belieber says:

    I would like to adopt justinsource.com (: :3

  6. he is a big fat cute hot sexy meanie selena is in trouble

  7. i would like to adopt jonasdaily.com

  8. Hey I’ve send you guys an email to adopt a website that isn’t updated anymore

  9. if u have the jonasdaily.com one i want it

  10. Nice clean site, like the idea.

  11. hello,
    I was wondering if you make websites for free or whether you have a nina dobrev site up for adoption?:)xxx pleasee pleaseee m,ail me back xx

  12. Hi there, I know this was commented about a year ago, but I’m interested in adopting JonasDaily.com , and I see someone has already asked about it a while ago. The site is still not taken though, and I was wondering if you had accepted anyones application? Or can I still apply?

  13. hey can im adopting justinsource.com?

  14. Hey, can i adopt ashley-unlimited.org ^

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