If your a Taylor Momsen fan and want  taylormomsenworld.com please apply for it.

13 Responses to “Another Site Up for adoption”

  1. Do you give hostees free themes?

  2. Depend on the celeb for taylormomsen’s site we can buy you one from your choice of designer

  3. Do you still host new fansites? I noticed you haven’t been on in a while!

  4. Yeah we do

  5. Very nice site. Thanks for the valueable info

  6. she was from the grinch

  7. i am 20 years old so dont give an attitude

  8. Hello admin, I applied for a Lady Gaga site, please accept it, I love her & want to create a site for her! please reply soon.
    Lots of love
    -Little Monster

  9. Hey is the Taylor Momsen site still available for adoption?

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