You must be able to read and write English
– You must know basic HTML and/or PHP
– You must know the basic of how to blog
– You must know basic Photoshop

Sites must be updated on a regular basis. If you need to go on vacation we offer the auto blogging plugin which will update your blog via rss feed. Sites that are auto blogging for more then 2 month per year will be notified and may be deleted.

All sites must have a “hosted by Fanzilla” link back.

– Sites that are not in the Fanzilla network may not use the Fanzilla plugins.
– You may not change the WordPress SQL or PHP codes except for the themes.
– You may not deactivate the Fanzilla Plugins.

To help pay for our services and dedicated servers that host your site, you will be required to place two ad codes from Google Adsense.Ad units contain either text ads, image ads, or both. The ads are targeted to the content of your page using contextual and placement targeting. I will provide you with the ad codes. You can Also choose the color of the ads
here’s example of a 300×250 Ad

Heres are the choices for ad sizes:

Must have one of the 3 below
300×250 Medium rectangle
336×280 Large Rectangle
728×90 Leaderboard*

Second Ad can be the top 3 or any of them below
160×600 wide skyscraper
Second ad options
480×60 banner
2x 234×60 half banner
120×600 skyscraper
120×240 vertical banner
2x 250×250 square

– You cannot edit our advertisement code in any way except the colors.
– No other commission ads are permitted on your site.
– Our advertisement absolutely MUST be visible without scrolling on your website.