Hi and welcome to Fanzilla.org! Fanzilla was launched in June of 2010 and is a free hosting service that offers a wide array of tools to help you create and maintain a site dedicated to your favorite celebrity.

I’m the admin of this site. I made my first site when I was 13. It was a personal site and also a mess, but more importantly it was a first step. My second site was completed when I was 15. This site was more organized, but felt pointless due to lack of traffic. So, after a few other websites, I made my fifth site while at college for web marketing and design. The fifth site was a Miley fan site; it has become one of the top 3 Miley fan sites and aquired 11 million views in about a year.

As that year passed, I met a lot of competitive fan sites along the way. Quite a few of them were good and many were struggling. A portion of those were struggling under a subpar fan site host. That’s unacceptable considering some of those people struggling pay for the fan site hosting service they use. So, I decided to offer a better alternative with Fanzilla.org, a free celebrity fansite host. Some of the reasons why we’re superior in comparison include: extra support, free web-marketing, an entire arsenal of plugins, and much more to ensure you get more traffic than you would with any other fan site host.